Where does the name One Turtle Ship come from? The founders of One Turtle Ship spent a long time coming up with a name that would represent themselves and everything they wanted the business to stand for. After pouring over hundreds of ideas, they chose One Turtle Ship. A turtle ship, or Geobukseon as it is know in Korean, was the first ironclad warship in the world. Boasting unparalleled firepower and mobility, it proved a pivotal instrument for victory in the sea battles under Admiral Yi Sun-Shin. Effectively a sea tank, it was capable of sinking large numbers of enemy vessels, and so did much to maintain the morale of Korean sailors, so often outnumbered by the vast fleets of the Japanese navy. The turtle ship, an incredible engineering feat of the time, completely turned the tide of war. Korea was able to fend off all naval attacks from enemies and helped launch one of Korea’s most well known heroes, Admiral Yi Sun-Shin. One Turtle Ship not only represents their heritage (both founders being of korean-american decent) but it also represents the impact they want to make in El Paso. Like the turtle ship, OTS wants to have an immense impact on local El Paso businesses, big or small, and do so in an engaging way that helps to launch those businesses into great success stories.


When was the company founded? April 1, 2015.

Are we a local company or part of a corporation/franchise with locations in other parts of the country? OTS is locally owned and operated and we do web development, web design, graphic design, and search engine optimization (SEO) right here in El Paso, TX.

What do we do exactly? OTS focuses on web design, graphic design and marketing services in El Paso, TX.

What services do we offer? OTS offers the following services: brand identity, interactive design, user interface design, graphic design, marketing strategy, web design, web development, and anything else your heart desires.

Do you focus on a certain niche or industry more so than others? No, we have a wide variety of clients in various industries. We’ve done work for business to business websites, e-commerce sites, restaurants, bars, clubs, retail and many more.

What are our major strengths? Our strength lies in our experience. We have nearly 17 years worth of experience in web development and graphic design as well as search engine optimzation (SEO) in El Paso, TX.

Is all work done in-house, with independent contractors, or both? All work is done in-house.

What type of clients do we primarily service? Corporations, government agencies, small business, individuals, artists; we work with anyone who can benefit from our services. But we’re really here to help small business in El Paso gain a digital presence to help businesses flourish.

How do we differentiate ourselves from the competition? Exceptional design and client services. OTS may be new, but the members of our team have been doing web design, web development, graphic design, and SEO in El Paso for years.

What is our philosophy towards web design and development? OTS believes that your website needs to act as your leading resource that can supply all of the necessary information in a prompt and effective manner, yet be visually appealing and easy to navigate. We love what we do and we hope that you’ll let us work with you. We know that not every business owner can afford some of the insane prices our “competitors”charge and that’s where we come in. We charge flat rates and don’t charge by the hour. And if you still can’t afford our services, we are more than willing to work with your budget.