Do I need a website? This is a question that EVERY business owner needs to ask themselves.

Now, maybe I’m a bit biased because I’ve dedicated a large portion of my life to making websites and developing web applications, but the answer to the question should be a resounding, “YES.” I have worked with countless businesses over the past 4 years and have heard the following entirely too often: “I don’t have a website but I have facebook.” To which I always reply, “That is fantastic. But you’re missing the point of a website.”

While social media is an incredible tool for local businesses, it is not the end all be all solution for having a digital presence online. Social Media is only one very small piece of a very large puzzle.

Let’s look at a website in terms of real estate. As a business owner, you probably spent quite a while looking for the perfect place to open your businesses physical location. You had to take into account what avenues of approach the property had, the demographics of the area, the size of the property, and the cost. After finding a place that best fit these 4 criteria, you took a chance and stepped out into the world hoping for the best. Now think of the internet as the largest and most important city on the planet; filled with thousands of businesses, millions of people, and nearly an infinite number of ways to reach each business. As a business owner, it would be irresponsible of you to not try and find your place in this vast and fast moving city. That’s where a team like One Turtle Ship can really help you succeed. We can help you find your place on the internet at an affordable price and try to open up as many avenues of approach as possible to get your business out there to the people. Whether its through web design, graphic design, or search engine optimization, it is our job to ensure that your business thrives in its digital space.

A website can help generate business leads, get out very important information to the masses (not just the people on facebook) and give people a solid first impression of what your business has to offer. Here at OTS we create beautiful websites that are designed to drive business to your front door so that you can thrive in an every growing El Paso economy. Help us help you and ship us a line today.